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Welcome to ParentingTipsURL.com. My name is Bob Keese, and I’m the one keeping this site running, but we have plenty of contributors. Almost all our contributors are parents, which I guess makes you an expert on parenting.

There’s already a lot of parenting advice out there, so why another parenting site you might ask?

Well, we really found that some information is hard to come by on the internet, because we’ve been looking for advice, and found that some questions parents might have are either not covered at all (or it’s very hard to find that information), or it’s treated in a very general and superficial manner that makes you wonder whether the people who wrote it really know what they’re writing about, or care about what they’re writing about.

I promise you this. We might not have the most professional writers or the best webdesign. But each and every article we publish is something we care deeply about, because it does affect the well-being of those we love the most: our kids!

If you’re a parent and you would like to join us or share something on our site, publish an article or have a question, simply contact us.

Our contributors are from a very wide age spectrum – some already great parents, and some just young parents in their twenties, and then plenty of people in between. I find that this wide spectrum of people allows us to really get a big picture of what parenting is about, because within that diversity of experiences and opinions you can find some things that always remain true, while others seem to be rather like fashion trends which change with every season.

Parenting is a great adventure. It’s thrilling and exhausting, exciting and inspiring, heroic and at times soul-crushing, the source of both your greatest joys and deepest pains in life. It’s an experience that only those who have their own kids can really relate to, because once you have a child and care for it, your life will never be the same, and the way you look at everything will change forever. All of the sudden, it’s like there is a new sun in your universe, and everything revolves around that new center of your universe.

I hope that you get a lot out of what we share here at ParentingTipsURL – and if you think something is missing, or you want to shake things up or share another point of view, please use the commenting function, we are always glad to hear from you.

With that I wish you and your family all the best and hope to hear from you,


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