Blood in Baby Stool?

Did you notice blood in your baby’s stool? Stay calm – in most cases this is a harmless condition, and it is in fact quite common.

What color is the blood?

Is it a typical “bright” red color, just like blood looks? Kind of a streak outside (or on top of) the poo? In those cases, the cause is probably just a small tear in the anal skin tissue (an anal fissure).

There’s not much you need to do – it will pass by itself.

If the blood looks darker and is mixed throughout the poo, then the bleeding probably occurred further up the gastrointestinal tract.

Causes of Blood in Baby Stool

The most common cause as already mentioned is a simple anal fissure, and there’s nothing you need to do about it, it will quickly heal.

Other causes:

  • Food allergies
  • the baby digesting blood from a hurt nipple of the mother (no problem, this doesn’t cause any harm to the baby)
  • intestinal infection
  • intestinal disorder
    • intussusception
    • colitis
  • breastmilk oversupply
  • supplementation of flouride or vitamin drops

When to see a doctor?

It’s best to contact a doctor whenever you notice blood in your baby’s stool, just to be on the save side. However, if your baby doesn’t show any other symptoms and seems healthy and displays a normal behavior, there’s probably no need to see a doctor right away.

However, if the bleeding persists or the amount of blood you see increases, then immediate bring your baby to be examined by a doctor.

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