Causes of Diaper Rash

The most common of all baby skin problems is without a doubt the diaper rash. As a parent you don’t want that your baby will have a diaper rash, but there is almost no way to avoid it. Of course that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do something about it – there are some things you can do to reduce diaper rash and prevent it as much as possible. But don’t be hard on yourself or totally stressed out if your baby gets it anyway every once in a while.

Causes of Diaper Rash

Why do babies get it anyway? Well, one reason is that the diaper makes the whole area on the skin warm and moist. And that is the perfect breeding ground for a diaper rash. And every time when your baby pees or is making poopoo, it will only irritates the skin more.

Really bad diaper rash

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So leaving a wet diaper on too long can also make diaper rash worse. Also, when babies have diarrhea they usually can get diaper rash more often. (Exposure to poop is more irritating than pee, because of digestive enzymes).

Yeast Infection

Another cause of diaper rash can be a yeast infection, a bacterial infection or an allergic reaction, and of course most of the time it’s just the rubbing and chafing of the delicate skin of your baby against the diaper. This is particularly common when either the mother or the baby takes antibiotics.


Antibiotics are also often a causing agent – either when the baby is taking antibiotics or when a breastfeeding mother is taking antibiotics. Because antibiotics not just fight the bad bacteria, but also the bacteria that are good for your babies immune system, and that makes the skin of the baby break down more easily. Most commonly what happens is that when a baby is exposed to antibiotics, the bacteria that prevent the growth of a yeast infection can’t fight anymore, and yeast infection develops and grows.


And as long as the mother is breastfeeding, the mothers diet affects her babies skin too and can contribute to diaper rash. So you might want to leave out some foods from your diet and see if your babies diaper rash get’s better.

Products Your Baby Gets In Contact With

Another cause of diaper rash can be the kind of diaper you use, the baby wipes, the detergent or fabric softener you use for washing your babies clothes, the baby powder or lotion that you use, or oils. In baby products the most common cause of irritation are fragrances, and I think it’s a shame that most of the big brands don’t sell fragrance-free baby products. The only reason why they are adding fragrance to these products is to that the mothers develop an emotional positive association to these products (because they smell good), but there’s no benefit for the baby at all in adding fragrance to baby products, in fact, it’s only a contributing factor to babies skin issues.

When do babies develop diaper rash?

Pretty much at any age this is a common condition. However, it’s most common and often the most intense when the baby is around 8 to 10 months. But don’t worry, if your baby is just a couple of weeks old and already has diaper rash – that’s not unusual at all, so relax.

Also, when your baby starts eating solid foods, that’s when he or she is more likely to get it.

However, the good news is that by the time your baby is about one year old, things usually start to get better and you’ll see less and less diaper rash because his skin is already getting stronger.

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