Diaper Rash Relief

A diaper rash is a normal part of every baby’s life. It’s annoying and troubling. It causes discomfort to the baby and can damage her skin. So what can you do to prevent diaper rash relief?

Please read our article about diaper rash treatments first.

If you’ve already taken the steps we’ve outlined in our treatments article, there are some simple things you can do to ease diaper rash.

Using an herbal salve which contain calendula flowers can help by discouraging bacterial growth and soothing irritated skin. Just be careful that your child won’t have a reaction to these products – if there is some substance inside the cream, lotion or ointment that causes an allergic reaction or worsening of your baby’s rash, immediately stop using it.

You can also use Boudreaux’ Butt Paste (find it at Walgreens, Kmart, Walmart and other stores), which contains Peruvian balsam.

Here are some ways of providing diaper rash relief that are often recommended – however, we would rather discourage you from them as we don’t believe them to be the best methods.

  • using Denorex shampoo
  • baking soda + water
  • cornstarch (or any home made remedies which contain cornstarch)
  • shortening (lard)
  • antibiotic ointments like Neosporin (unless your doctor advises you to do so)
  • chamomile tea with oatmeal mix
  • silver water
  • egg white (separating the yolk from an egg and using just the raw egg white, applying it on the skin).

We are aware that many of these remedies do work for some parents and babies, so we’re in no way saying that they are wrong or ineffective. We just don’t think they’re the best, most effective and safe way to give your baby diaper rash relief.

Please also read our article about treatments for our recommended way of dealing with diaper rashes.

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